• Mad Max
  • Killer Elite
  • Pirates of the Cab
  • Silence
  • San Andreas
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Life of Pi
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Tom Sigel Stephen Windon
Darius Khonji Daniel Ardilley
John Seale Lance Accord
Claudio Miranda John Stokes
Ian Baker Ben Nott
Ross Emery Seamus McCarvey
Peter Zuccarini Brian Breheny
John Mahaffie Ernie Clark
Oliver Stapleton Craig Barden
Geoffrey Simpson Andrew Lesnie
Simon Duggan Dan Lausten
Katie Milwright James Grant
Toby Oliver Geoff Hall
Ellery Ryan Joe Pickering
Brent Crockett Cathy Chambers
Remi Adefarasin Ron Hagen


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Chris 'Fizz' Hansford
Jason Hansford

I wish everyone I hired could be like Fizz. He’s extremely good at his job, hard working and consistently has the best attitude on the floor. He not only does whatever is asked extremely well but he sees ahead to what is needed and does that, too. I want him to work on everything I do.

Share Stallings Producer at Universal Pictures

Chris is a highly skilled grip and very capable of handling all aspects of the job efficiently. Chris is comfortable handling any type of dolly all the way up to a super techno crane. His unique skills and “can do” attitude puts him very high on my list when crewing any film

Dean Hood Director at TPH Global

I’m happy to recommend Chris ‘Fizz’ Hansford, he is full of ideas, extremely enthusiastic, willing to go the extra mile and a pleasure to have on the set. He knows this business well and is safe, thorough and very good at what he does. It will be a pleasure to work with him again in the future.

Bernadette O’Mahony Head of Development and Production at Australian Children's Television Foundation

Fizz is the “go to” man for all of our car commercials that are shot in Victoria. Great tracking vehicle driver. Very solid Grip. Always on hand with solutions. Great team member. Very professional and personable. Plenty of big project experience. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Brown Director of Photography
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